Morning Music Notes – Two Terrible Songs, One Terrible Day

Here’s a song built around a slick synth beat. The band are Breton, and from what I can tell, they are from the United Kingdom – they all have Union Jack tattoos.

BRETON - GOT WELL SOON - YouTube screen cap
The band are releasing a new single called Got Well Soon on November 10, with their sophomore album to follow in February 2014. Got Well Soon morphs from one catchy hook to another, while sounding original and belonging to several genres of music all at once. Give it a viewing below.

Breton – Got Well Soon

Morning Music Notes

There was a blog aggregator site called Elbows that would pull content from music blogs and put it all in once handy dandy place. I say ‘was’ because after 8 years, it has now shut down (via Pitchfork)

Muse’s ‘better than HD’ concert film is hitting UK cinemas on November 7. The show was shot in Rome’s Olympic Stadium (via Gigwise)

Samsung is pushing ahead with their GALAXY Gear smartwatch, and have created a clever ad for it. But wait – Apple created a nearly identical ad for their iPhone 6 years ago. Accidental rip off or a dig at the original? (via iPhone in Canada)

Surely, the Earth is going to crash into the sun at any moment. How else can we explain the release of not one but terrible songs by some of the most terrible artists at the exact same time? For those of you who are interested in hearing the kind of music we avoid featuring on this site, you can check out either 1) The new Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger duet Let Me Go or 2) the new Paris Hilton track Good Time, featuring Lil. Wayne. The Chavril song is about as predictable as both of those artists get, while Paris Hilton finds new ways to release shitty dance/electronic music. Lil’ Wayne – how much did you get for that cameo?

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