Weekend Music: Peter & The Magician – On My Brain

Below is new music from Peter & The Magician. Crank whatever device you’re on up loud and press play.

Now, while you’re listening, it’s worth reading about who this is, so that as soon as you are finished listening to this track, you can search out their back-catalogue and have your mind blown.

Peter & The Magician is 2 guys (duh). The Magician is the Belgian producer Stephan Fasano, who was one half of the incredible production duo Aeroplane. They produced a bunch of really good EPs, a studio album and some of the best remixes I’ve ever heard.

Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane remix)

Grace Jones – Williams Blood (Aeroplane Remix)

The other half is Peter, who is French producer Pierre-Alexandre Busson. Prior to being called “Peter”, he was known as Yuksek. Like Aeroplane, Yuksek is also extraordinarily accomplished – with a long list of EPS, 2 full studio albums, and some wicked remixes in his own right.

This track is just the biggest of a bunch of new material from these guys that you should sift through on their Soundcloud.

I’m not sure who does what in this duo, but you can definitely hear Yuksek’s shuffled rhythms and pumping square-sounding basslines and Aeroplane’s monstrous (without being tacky about it) drops and soaring synth lines.

If you like this, I emplore you: dig deep through their back-catalogues!

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