Morning Music Notes – Atoms for Paul

Let’s kick off your morning (or afternoon/evening/midnight snack, depending where you live and when you read this) with some electro pop. The music is courtesy of duo Hollow & Akimbo, and their new EP Pseudoscience, out now.

Hollow and Akimbo
The track Still Life is a song of two parts. The electronic vibe in the first half is transformed into a frantic and loud ending, and a complete shake up makes the track interesting. Check out the song Still Life below.

Morning Music Notes

Jack White and one of his many bands, The Dead Weather, will release a series of two song singles from now until the end of time 2015. This will then lead into a full album. Check out a 30 second snippet below – unless the band’s new M.O. is to record 30 second songs. The Raconteurs, White’s other other band, will drop a live album in September, 2014. (via Consequence of Sound)

Michael Jackson’s concert promoting company, A.E.G. Live, is not response for Michael Jackson’s death, which isn’t terribly surprising. From MTV, “Jackson’s mother had argued Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who gave her son the lethal dose of anesthetic propofol, was unfit for his work and that A.E.G. Live hired him, downplaying his health concerns and pushing him to work harder.” She was seeking a massive $1.5 Billion, and a jury decided that she will not see a penny.

Excuse me, as I try to calm my massive erection as I type this (because of the upcoming sentence, not the past one about MJ) – Paul McCartney said that he would love to work with Thom Yorke. My favourite band of all-time (The Beatles) and my favourite band/artist currently making music (Thom Yorke/Radiohead), possibly teaming up. Give him a bloody call already! (via NME)

Remember the re-launch of MySpace by Justin Timberlake and a group of investors? It’s not doing terrible! They grew their audience from 24 million to 31 million during the first 2 weeks of its June rebranding. They now get 36 million people per week to MySpace, which is nearly 36 million more people per week that visit PeteHatesMusic (via Hypebot)

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