Morning Music Notes – Push and Shove Apple Fanboys

No Doubt’s New Album is Called…..

….Push and Shove. My attempts at being suspenseful would’ve been better if you had to do something other than look half an inch further down the page. No Doubt are back after a lengthy hiatus, which included singer Gwen Stefani making babies and a solo career that was more popular than her main band. No Doubt will release their latest album, Push and Shove, on September 25 (via Consequence of Sound). The first single will be called Settle Down, and will be out on July 16. It looks like Mr. Gwen Stefani – Gavin Rosedale – will be on diaper duties will No Doubt conquers the world again, and Rosedale laments being in a Nirvana rip off band that had a short shelf life.

One Half of Daft Punk to Provide Soundtrack for Lindsay Lohan Movie

This is a headline I didn’t think I’d be writing. Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk has scored the soundtrack for a short film that stars train wreck Lindsay Lohan (via Gigwise). Thomas is the guy from Daft Punk who wears the helmet. Oh wait…

The soundtrack work follows that of Tron: Legacy that the band did back in 2010 (and was pretty average in my opinion). First Point is some kind of surfing movie, that stars Lohan as a blonde surfer. Check out a trailer for it below, and get your Oscar votes ready.

Apple Announces iOS 6, Fanboys Cream Pants

Apple held their WWDC event yesterday and rolled out some new products, such as a $2199 Retina Macbook. They also killed off their 17 inch Macbook Pro line. The most important announcement for iPhone users was that of the new operating system coming this fall: iOS 6 (via Crave).

iOS 6 has many upgrades, such as allowing their Face Time video calling app to work over data networks and not just wifi. The new Apple maps app will be replacing Google Maps on the phone, too. Much like the upgraded Google Maps, Apple will have 3D maps. It call also (FINALLY!) offer turn by turn directions, which has been on Android devices since the dawn of time. Siri has some upgrades, such as opening apps for you, posting to Facebook, and giving you sports answers. “How many hot dog will I eat by the 7th inning stretch?”

Listen! Echo Lake – Wild Peace

Echo Lake are about to give us their debut album, Wild Peace – June 25 in Europe, June 26 in North America. They have given us the title track called – surprise – Wild Peace (that’s why it’s the title track). Give it a listen and even download it for your totally legal mp3 collection. Echo Lake are London duo Thom Hill and Linda Jarvis, whose dreamy singing plays over a wall of noise as the song goes on.

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