Listen to a Will Smith – Daft Punk Mash Up

Mash ups are a dime a dozen. It seems like Daft Punk remixes are a dime a dozen. This is working out to be an extremely cheap post for me then. Someone who goes by the name Arcade Jump has taken 1998 hit Will Smith song Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It and mashed it up with the 2013 song played on endless loop – Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. The result? Get Lucky Wit It.

daft-punk-get-lucky-612x612 (1)
The track uses the beat from Get Lucky to back up Will’s verses, while the chorus is the Get Lucky chorus. Perhaps nothing super special, but it seems to work well. The videos are mashed up, too, and make for a somewhat complimentary watching. Check it out below, and pray Will Smith stays in retirement.

Daft Punk + Will Smith – Get Lucky Wit It

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