Listen! Ghostpoet – Cold Win

Fans of Ghostpoet often note he has a bit of Thom Yorke in his beats and approach to songs. Assuming he doesn’t want to beat Thom Yorke to a pulp, this would be seen as quite the compliment. In Cold Win, the influence of Thom Yorke can be heard. Or perhaps it’s the influence of Thom Yorke’s influences. Fans of Thom Yorke and Radiohead (and perhaps Burial) will notice the similar beats found in Burial’s remix of Thom Yorke’s And It Rained All Night or Modeselektor’s remix of Thom Yorke’s Skip Divided, or even snippets of Radiohead’s Idioteque. All of this is to say not that Ghostpoet is a gigantic rip off – he’s not – but he has good taste.

Ghostpoet - Cold Win
Cold Win bounces along with electronic-led beats with strong, bold horns getting added as the track builds. He’s hip hop, he’s electronic, he’s experimental, and he’s Ghostpoet. He must be doing something right if he got a Mercury nod in 2011 (and named to the PeteHatesMusic top tracks of 2011). Check out Cold Win below, which is off of Some Say I So I Say Light, out August 26.

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