Friday Afternoon Funnies: New iPhones Mean New Spoofs

“This is as close as America gets to having a Royal Baby – Apple unveiling a new iPhone” – Jimmy Kimmel.

As you might have heard unless you only get your news through a ridiculously slow iPhone 3G, Apple announced not one but two new iPhones this week – the iPhone 5C (the ‘c’ stands for crap?) and the iPhone 5S (the ‘s’ stands for shit?). One of the more exciting parts of a new iPhone release is the new iPhone spoofs. We have two of them, from late night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien.

Jimmy Kimmel - First Look- iPhone 5s - YouTube screen cap
As he has done with the last couple of iPhone releases, Jimmy Kimmel hits the streets to show people the brand new iPhone. Last time, he presented the exact same, older model of the iPhone and tried to pass it as the new one. This time, he brings out the iPad Mini and tells people it’s the new iPhone 5S. I have some magic beans I wouldn’t mind selling these people. Check it out below.

Jimmy Kimmel – iPhone 5S First Look

Conan O’Brien took a different angle, and looked at the team behind the Apple iPhone 5S.

Conan profiles the teams behind the different coloured iPhones. Apparently the gold one was made by a guy in Miami Beach. He likes clubbing and says everything is the best. He also notes that “Siri is not an uptight bitch on this one.” Siri is an uptight bitch, isn’t she? Check out the second video is this week’s edition of the Friday Afternoon Funnies.

Conan O’Brien – Presenting the Gold iPhone 5

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