Listen! God is an Astronaut – Origins (entire album)

Remember earlier this week when we posted not one but two new God is an Astronaut songs? It turns out the Irish rock instrumentalists couldn’t wait until the planned September 16/17 release date of Origins, and have released the whole thing right now on their Bandcamp page. Or maybe it leaked and the band are being pro-active.

God is an Astronaut - Origins
You can buy Origins for a mere ₤7 ($11ish Cdn), and you can also stream the entire 12-track effort below. The instrumental album has a mix of heavy and soft songs, and also an interesting mix of instrumentation that might have you saying “how did they make that sound?” Origins is the band’s first album as a five=-pieced, and their seventh overall. Enough facts – get listening below (note that it starts on track 3 and I can’t figure out how to fix it because I was dropped on my head as a adult kid, so skip back 2 tracks to start from the top).

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