Listen! Evil Eyes – Shake the Dust (from Borderlines – stream entire album)

Something for you from San Francisco (via Nashville). Jay-Z wants you to get that dirt off your shoulders, while Evil Eyes want you to Shake the Dust. Bad comparison or the worst comparison? Now, Evil Eyes and Jay-Z are nothing alike and I am only making a weak link at dust and dirt, so let’s move on. Evil Eyes have just self-released their debut album, Borderlines (pretty artwork below).

Evil Eyes - Borderlines
The album opens with their new single, a dancey, surf rock track called Shake the Dust (remember that terrible Jay-Z intro up above?). However, their whole album is streaming on BandCamp (and below) and has some other good tunes, too. Check out Evil Eyes and don’t be giving me any evil eyes for my weak writing in this post.

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