Watch! Santigold – The Keepers

Santigold has released a video for her song The Keepers (via It’s off her new album Master of My Make-Believe and follows videos for the songs Big Mouth and Disparate Youth.

This video takes place in a creepy house that I bet looks a lot like the one movie-director Tim Burton lived in as a child (or wishes he lived in). Judging by the hair, Santigold is living with a Swedish family. She is rocking the blond hair too as the family chows down for supper. There’s green soup, a fish that looks like it was caught in that pond out back of Mr. Burns’ nuclear power plant, and the chicken-of-the-future, with extra-large breasts. Everything is smiles and sunshine until their house is the target of a classic drive-by shooting. Don’t worry though, everything is going to be just fine, unless the house burns down. Have a look, good song, cool video:

Santigold – The Keepers

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