Watch! Chris Velan – Hang On Tightly

We have a beautiful and mellow acoustic track for you on this Thursday. Two days ago, Chris Velan dropped his new album, The Long Goodbye. Off of this album comes the video for the track, Hang On Tightly (which is what my paragliding instructor wisely advised me to do).

Chris Velan - Hang On Tightly - YouTube screen cap
The video features some Jesus-esque barefoot walking and some opposite of Jesus-esque falling in water. Unsurprisingly, Velan says, “It took at least a week for my feet to fully heal and for me to be able to walk without limping.” That’s how I feel after I jog for 5 minutes, so I can relate. Make your ears happy and check out the outstanding vocals and subtle, calming layers added through Hang On Tightly.

Chris Velan – Hang On Tightly

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