Morning Music Notes – Borat and Queen Clash

Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine walks into a South London bar. No jokes ensue, but she does join the band Sourberry as they’re warming up, and does a random cover of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. We’ll blame the sometimes dodgy vocals on the booze.

Florence Welch – Get Lucky (drunken live cover)

Morning Music Notes

Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat) has dropped out of his role as Freddie Mercury in the upcoming biopic on the Queen singer. I was really looking forward to seeing how he did, too. The problems boil down to the all-too overused “creative differences” with the band (via Guardian)

Atoms for Peace are going to have a pop-up exhibition during their three shows in London. It’ll feature work by (Radiohead/Atoms for Peace) artist Stanley Donwood, and will run July 24-26. Here’s how it looks from the outside. Oh, to live in London again (via NME)

Apple has hit 1 billion podcast subscriptions through its iTunes music player. Apple figures there are approximately 250,000 different podcasts in over 1000 languages, totalling about 8 million total podcasts. Sadly, less than 1% are interesting (via Digital Trends)

The Rolling Stones played some massive gigs in London’s Hyde Park on July 6 and 13. To prove it, they are releasing a digital live album (via Guardian)


A slew of announcements that we’ll hit you with really quickly: Four Tet announced a new album called Beautiful Rewind, MGMT revealed the album artwork behind their self titled new album, and the Weeknd does the same thing as MGMT.

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