Morning Music Notes – Jay-Z Becomes 90s Cover Act

As a reminder, PeteHatesMusic is kicking off a new style of Morning Music Notes this week, so that we can focus more time on in-depth pieces. This means a shorter Morning Music Notes. We’ll still hit you with a video and some news, but it’ll be more link based and less “read our hilarious commentary” styled. But it’s still sort of funny, right? Dig in below.

Watch! Zola Jesus – Avalanche (Slow)

Zola Jesus -Avalanche (Slow)- (OFFICIAL AUDIO) - YouTube. screen cap

If you like Zola Jesus and you like strings (instrumental strings, not the kind that cats like), then you’ll be happy to know there’s a whole album full of them coming up. The album will be called Versions and will have some tracks being reworked to include these strings that I keep mentioning. Below is Avalanche (Slow). Get lost in the beauty below.

Zola Jesus – Avalanche (Slow)

Morning Music Notes

Often thought as of the best festival of them – Glastonbury – kicks off another year this weekend. Fuck the bands, thousands lined up overnight to get the best camping spot (via Gigwise)

Although Liam Gallagher denies it, Beady Eye are rumoured to play a surprise show at Glastonbury. When has Liam ever lied before? (via Gigwise)

He didn’t sell the half a million people thought he might, but Kanye West tops the Billboard charts with 327,000 copies of Yeezus sold (via Billboard)

What’s England’s finest citizen Pete Doherty up to these days? Trying to sell cigarette butts smoked by Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss, of course. Stay classy, Pete (via NME)

Jay-Z continues his 90s lyrical influences on upcoming Magna Carta Holy Grail (I feel like an idiot every time I type that out, by the way. Awkward city!). Not only does Jay-Z knick Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit chorus, but now he also uses R.E.M.’s Losing My Religion in a track with Justin Timberlake (via Stereogum)

Devo drummer Alan Myers has died. He’ll be whipping heaven or hell real good, I’m sure (via Billboard)

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