Morning Music Notes – Long Weekend Edition

American Idol Have Announced The Latest Winner!

Thom Yorke to Score Music for Film About the Exciting Topic of Tax Avoidance

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke is sick of Jonny Greenwood becoming famous for scoring Hollywood films like The Master and There Will Be Blood and has decided to do something about it. Yorke is set to score the film UK Gold, which is not about gold records but rather about the history of tax avoidance (via NME). It is believed that Yorke’s soundtrack is the only way to draw any interest to a film about tax avoidance. The film will be narrated by Dominic West (McNulty) from The Wire. Sheeeeeiit!

Not McNulty

Bloc Party to Release New EP This Summer

Bloc Party clearly realized that everyone who is anyone are releasing music this summer. Rather than miss out (like I did during free burrito night at work, dammit!), guitarist Russell Lissack has said that Bloc Party will join the music release party (via Gigwise). Lissack told the Miami New Times, “We literally were just in the studio this week actually. We still need to do the vocals, but we’ve been working on six new songs. Depending on how the finished things pan out, we’re either going to put out a single or an EP. I think in June or July.”

Could Daft Punk Break Oasis’ UK Chart Record?

Back in the hey day of album sales, Oasis’ third album – Be Here Now, sold 650,000 copies in its first week of release in 1997. Bookies Paddy Power are giving 4/5 odds that Daft Punk breaks the record held by Oasis (via NME). The album already holds the Amazon record for highest number of pre-sales for any dance album ever, which is sort of a ridiculous statement that likely didn’t sway the bookies.

Paddy Power also offers 5/2 odds that the French DJs will announce a world tour by the end of the year, despite the duo claiming there are no tour plans. Who do you believe? The band’s single Get Lucky has been atop the UK singles charts for four weeks, selling 500,000 copies. This is the band’s best career single in the UK, passing One More Time.

Listen! Laura Marling – Once

Laura Marling - Once I Was An Eagle

Another new track from Laura Marling’s new album, Once I Was An Eagle. The London folk singer has released Once, which is from the May 27/28 release. The track is sparse musically, and is a vocally driven track from the two time Mercury Prize nominee. Give it a listen down below.

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