Watch! Melody’s Echo Chamber – Some Time Alone, Alone

Another new video from Melody’s Echo Chamber, for a tune that is a guitar track with an Eastern flavour at times. The video is for Some Time Alone, Alone, which seems to emphasize how I spend most of my Friday nights.

Melody's Echo Chamber - Some Time Alone, Alone (Official Music Video) - YouTube screen cap

The video follows other videos You Won’t Be Missing That Part Of Me and I Follow You. This video takes place at an amusement park, which when you think about it, is a funny historical name for a place with rides. “I am at an amusement park. I plan to be amused.” How did rides get the claim to use the word amusement anyway? I can think of tons of other plans where I am amused. Before this rambling gets more incoherent, check out Melody’s Echo Chamber, at an amusement park.

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