Morning Music Notes – In the Year 3000

The headline refers to a description of where Kanye West’s music apparently sounds like it’s from, not the year it is expected that the Toronto Maple Leafs will finally win the Stanley Cup. Although after last night’s horrific collapse, I’m not sure which one is the more accurate Year 3000 description.

Travi$ Scott Says New Kanye West Album is ‘Already in the Year 3000’

G.O.O.D. Music’s Travi$ “the $ is actually part of my name” Scott has heard the new Kanye West album. Apparently it’s recorded on some kind of micro chip that gets inserted into your brain. If not, then maybe it just sounds futuristic, as Scott has said “We’re already in the year 3000 fucking with that shit and that’s why I love hanging out with those guys over there. You get caught on to that new shit extra fast” (via MTV). Translation: It sounds fresh.

West tweeted June 18, which is likely when they mysterious new album will drop. Hudson Mohawke played a couple new tracks during a DJ set, so you’ll have to deal with those poor audio clips until we know more.

Justin Bieber’s Tour Hit By Gang of Thieves

Could the life, and specifically this tour, get any weirder for Canadian pop star Justin Bieber? I only blog about Biebs when something bad happens, and he’s been having a lot of bad things go his way. The latest mishap – while playing in South Africa, a gang targeted Bieber’s concert in Johannesburg and made off with about $100,000 from the FNB Stadium (via Billboard).

It is believed that thieves might have chiselled through a thick wall at the venue and then used a rope to lower themselves into the room used to store cash. Are you sure someone didn’t just leave the back door unlocked? Stadium officials didn’t realize the money was missing until the day after the concert.

Stream The National and Daft Punk

The National

It’s going to be a good couple of months for new music releases. Among all of these upcoming great releases are two highly anticipated albums – The National’s Trouble Will Find Me, and Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. Both of these albums have advance album streams over on iTunes, so pop on over there to take a listen to these discs. Hopefully they met their lofty expectations.

Kendrick Lamar Joins Solange on Her New Track

Solange has a new track and a new recruit for said track. She grabbed Kendrick Lamar, he of last year’s critically acclaimed album, but also of The Lonely Island’s new album fame. The track is a slower one with a simple, laid back beat. The segue over to Kendrick’s part sounds a bit weird, and his flow cuts in and out of time with the track, but fits the vibe of the song Looks Good with Trouble. Check it out below.

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