Watch! Editors – A Ton of Love

Editors are back with a new track and a new album. After an excellent debut with The Back Room, the back shifted directions, most recently trying out electronic music on In This Light and On This Evening. The band return to a variation on their earlier sound with new single A Ton of Love.

Editors - A Ton Of Love (Official Video) - YouTube screen cap

As noted, the song is called A Ton of Love, while the album is called The Weight of Your Love, hopefully not kicking off an entire album full of different measurements involving love. A Ton of Love is a straight forward rock song, and sounds a bit like 80s U2, and has a chorus with lyrics echoing a U2 song. We’ll assume the band are paying homage and not being lazy. The album is released on Canada Day, which is July 1 if you’re not in the know. Check out A Ton of Love below.

Editors – A Ton of Love

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