Watch! Beady Eye – Flick of the Finger

Why can’t bands drop the videos either WAY after they debut the song on SoundCloud, or at the same time? I almost feel like it’s a redundant post to do it a few days later and sometimes just flat out don’t, unless it’s an amazing video.

Rant aside, producer / TV on the Radio member Dave Sitek is doing it all these days. He’s producing Beady Eye’s album, as well the new one from CSS. Now he gets video credit for the new Beady Eye video for Flick of the Finger.

Beady Eye - Flick of the Finger - YouTube screen cap

The horn-filled song gets the archival / nature film treatment, as we see sharks killing birds. Conspiracy (or anti-Noel Gallagher) theorists might say that the shark is killed ‘high flying birds’, the name of Noel’s project. Check out Liam’s fine vocals in the new Beady Eye video.

Beady Eye – Flick of the Finger

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