CSS Anounce New Album Planta, Debut New Song Hangover

If there was ever an appropriately titled song for, um, a Tuesday afternoon, it would be Hangover. This is the name of the latest song from Brazil’s CSS. I was blown away by the freshness of CSS’ first album, Cansei De Ser Sexy, but their subsequent stuff didn’t really stick with me. However, their first new song from upcoming album, Planta, is promising (even if the album artwork is not).

CSS Planta

It seems producer Dave Sitek is putting himself out there, trying to revive both Beady Eye’s reputation and now CSS as well. The TV on the Radio man adds a splash of horns on this genre-shifting track, which jumps from pop, dance, and sort of a reggae vibe at time. Hangover was co-written by Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, which I wouldn’t have guessed in about 100 years (which is also how long it’ll be until my next date). Singer Lovefoxxx shows her unique (and sometimes terrible) flow in Hangover – take a listen below. Planta is out June 10/11, and you can see the track listing below, too.

Track Listing for Css – Planta
1. Honey
2. Hangover
3. Into The Sun
4. Girlfriend
5. Dynamite
6. Sweet
7. Too Hot
8. Teenage Tiger Cat
9. Frankie Goes To North Hollywood
10. The Hangout
11. Faith In Love

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