Morning Music Notes – Drug Free Like Liam

Daft Punk to Launch Their Album in Small Australian Town, Apparently Want Their Album to Bomb

When it comes to album launch parties, the general strategy is to let as many people know that you have a new album, and to celebrate it with your legions of fans. Daft Punk haven’t heard of this technique, and have decided to launch their new Random Access Memories album at the annual Wee Waa agricultural show in Wee Waa, New South Wales, Australia (via Rolling Stone).

The album is out May 21, but Wee Waaians (not sure if that’s what you call people from Wee Waa) will get to dance their butts off on May 17. There are only 4000 tickets for the event, and no word if the tickets will also get you into the pet show, the showgirl competition, or the cross cut saw competition.

Liam Gallagher Makes a Drug Free Album

All rules were thrown out the window for the new Beady Eye album. They have apparently ditched their 90s sound, brought in Dave Sitek to mix up the production (hello brass section!), and now the 40 year old Liam says he had a clear head when he wrote the new Beady Eye album (via Telegraph).

Gallagher stated “We had a new-found focus when we were writing it – we really got our heads down and got our shit together – clear heads, none of that crap from the 90s.” Well, it only took him 13 years.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Want You to Watch Them and Not Your Phones in Concert

The phenomenon of paying $70, $80, $150 or whatever to see a show and then watching large parts of it through a 4 inch screen has always baffled me. Enjoy the fucking moment! The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have gone so far as to post signs telling you just as much, as Spin discovered at their recent New York show.

Yeah Yeah yeahs concert sign via Spin

Spin notes that singer Karen O even re-iterated this after the second song. And amazingly, people were generally respective of this. I remember Dallas Green trying to tell the crowd to stop doing this at a City and Colour show to little success.

Watch! Haerts – Wings

Haerts might have just been autocorrected to Hearts in my computer, which I suppose is both my problem and Haerts’ problem. The band have a throwback sounding song which seems to be all the rage, so I’ll have to stop calling it a throwback sound. If you like indie pop, dig into the track Wings below.

Haerts – Wings

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