Morning Music Notes – CMW Madness

Pete is still frolicking through Canadian Music Week. In between drinking as many free beers as possible, he’s working on a lot of stuff from some killer Canadian bands this week – so stay tuned for a few very cool exclusives still to come. 

Rah Rah @ Lee’s Palace (Copyright: PeteHatesMartin / Martin Bazyl Photography)

Rah Rah @ Lee’s Palace (Copyright: PeteHatesMartin / Martin Bazyl Photography)

Concert reviews for Rah Rah & The Zolas are up. There are lots of amazing Canadian bands out there, people. These are 2 of them. Check them out and read up or else you are immediately excluded from being able to say there aren’t any good new Canadian bands.

Li’l Wayne is fine, “more than good”
Let us be the first to call bullshit on the Li’l Wayne ‘drug overdose’ thing. Earlier this week, Li’l Wayne ODs on sizzurp, is in a coma, publicists are mysteriously tweeting that he’s fine while others are saying he’s in critical condition. All very strange and hard not to be interested in…Then yesterday, on day 1 of March Madness, surprise surprise – wall-to-wall commercials for Li’l Wayne’s new album.

The fact that we are all pawns aside – I’ve actually really liked Li’l Wayne’s albums in the past, and will definitely crank the new one up. Anyone got any good sizzurp recipes?
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Mark Ronson and Sir Paul McCartney collaborate on 3 songs
Well… really not much to say after that headline. Our sources tell us almost no sizzurp was consumed during the recording process.
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Amazon goes retro for Beatles re-release
Check this out – Amazon has created a retro homepage for the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Please Please Me. We were going to create a custom homepage for Puerto Rican Emancipation Day, but decided against it at the last second. Maybe next year.
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Prince announces West Coast tour
Hey Vancouver – Prince is coming, and he is playing small clubs. This will be amazing for at least 2 reasons: 1. Hard-funk sounds even better than hard rock in a small club. 2. Prince is one of the most under-rated live guitar players of all time, and secretly amazing at everything.

Via Pitchfork…

New Sigur Ros Video
Watch this new video from Sigur Ros; another mind-blowingly deep, dense, beautiful audio visual presentation from the band from Iceland – how predictable.

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