Listen to 2 New Vampire Weekend tracks – Diane Young and Step

Why release one new song when you can release two in one afternoon? Vampire Weekend want to help you beat the Monday blues (or Tuesday morning if you’re in time travelling Australia). The first track is the hyper-drummed, scattered track called Diane Young. There is no clear rhythm to the track, and that makes it quite fantastic. The video features a burning car and…that’s it. Is it too early to hand out the video of the year award?

Vampire Weekend - Diane Young (Official Stream) - YouTube screen cap

The second track our ears get is Step. This track is a lot slower and a lot more traditional than Diane Young. No burning car video this time, but instead – a lyric video. The album, Modern Vampires Of The City, is out May 6/7. Check out both tracks below.

Vampire Weekend – Diane Young

Vampire Weekend – Step

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