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Lollapalooza Announces 2012 Line Up – It’s Pretty Good

Perry Farrell’s Chicago festival, Lollapalooza, has unveiled their 2012 line up. I’m sort of bummed out that I won’t be heading to Grant Park on August 3-5 (since I have this damn “house arrest”), as the line up is sort of stellar. It includes: The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Keys, Jack White, and Black Sabbath as headliners (hence the bigger font). Smaller fonted (new word!) bands but also playing and also good: Florence + the Machine, At the Drive-In, M83, the Shins, Franz Ferdinand, Sigur Ros, the Walkmen, the Weeknd, Justice, Metric, the Big Pink, Dum Dum Girls, and many, MANY more. Check out the full line-up on the Lollapalooza website, or try reading the names off of the picture and test your eye sight.

Lollapalooza 2012 Line Up (via

Coachella Announces 2012 Set Times

Another huge American music festival, Coachella, kicks off its first of two weekend-long festivities this April 13-15. The problem with festivals, besides the dudes who put their girlfriends on their shoulders so they can try and see the stage from half a mile away, are the inevitable band conflicts. By that I mean two bands playing at the same time, not backstage Wrestlemania-style conflicts (although I wouldn’t be against that). Coachella have unveiled the set times for the 2 weekends. If you’re going to one weekend only, you’re going to have some tough choices to make. If you bought tickets to both weekends to eliminate these conflicts, well, you have more money than you know what to do with it (and I have a few ideas what to do with it. Hint: Monkey Roller Derby League). Check out the schedules below (and if you are thinking about skipping Radiohead, you are clinically insane).

Friday’s Coachella Set Times
coachella friday set times (via

Saturday’s Coachella Set Times
coachella 2012 saturday set times (via

Sunday’s Coachella Set Times
coachella sunday set times (via

Eminem and Warren G to Appear with Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre at Coachella

If you were deciding whether or not to see Dr. Dre and Snoop close out Coachella, or – wait, there are no conflicts. More reason to not head back to your tent after seeing Florence + the Machine: Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog will be joined by Eminem and Warren G (via Rolling Stone). Warren G made the announcement on his website, but he has removed the link, maybe because he RUINED THE SURPRISE! No word on when these special guests will be joining the other rappers. Let’s also hope a tornado doesn’t rip through Indio, California on April 13-15 or April 20-22 or we will lose a LOT of musical talent (in general, not because Warren G is now there).

YouTube Now Lets Companies Charge for Live Streaming

It’s been about one year since I last showered YouTube first allowed live video streaming. This has been used for all sorts of events, such as live streaming a Coldplay concert in Madrid, as well as live streaming of various sporting events. Now, “professional content partners” can start charging for these live streaming events (via Slash Gear). If you can’t afford to fly across the world to go to Coachella (or if your cat Fluffy won’t let you out of the house), you can now slap down whatever the cost is and watch it from home. Pay per view events, such as boxing or UFC, might also benefit from this revenue stream for users who don’t have TVs or cable boxes.

US Punk Band, One Direction, Sues Popular UK Boy Band, One Direction

When you’re in a band, sometimes you have to decide whether or not to call it a day. For some bands, that day is when a much more popular band with the same name makes it big – this is when you sue. And that’s just what small California punk band, One Direction did, after UK boy band One Direction recently topped the US Charts (via Guardian). The Simon Cowell boy band could land to lose millions if the lawsuit is successful.

“Attorneys for the California band are seeking an injunction that would stop Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and Sony Music from using the name One Direction in promotional materials. They also want a share of the profits earned by the chart-topping British boys. The California band says it is entitled to three times the profits made by their rivals, as well as compensatory damages in excess of $1m. Syco declined to comment on Tuesday, and a representative for Sony Music could not immediately be reached.”

I’m pretty sure that this is the most press the California punk band has ever received. Only in America would you sue for something so excessive and utterly ridiculous.

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon in New Hip Hop Project

Justin Vernon from Bon Iver is no stranger to the world of hip hop – he used to have a Tupac poster on his bedroom wall! That might not be true, but he did collaborate with one Kanye West on his latest studio album. Now, Justin Vernon has teamed with fellow Bon Iver drummer, S. Carey, as well as rapper Astronautilis, and they even recorded an album last weekend (via NME). Let’s hope the Easter weekend recordings didn’t influence some lame rabbit related raps.

“This process was exhilarating, and it drove us further. We were originally going to be down there for a day,” commented Astronautilis, real name Andy Bothwell, who freestyled for eight hours over music that Vernon had made. Describing the sound of the new material, Bothwell said: “A lot of my fans are like, ‘Oh this is going to be amazing: Astronautalis rapping and Justin singing choruses.’ It’s not going to be that.”

I actually thought it was going to ‘be just that’ – looks like I was wrong.

Since we’re on the subject of Coachella, Kanye West, and Bon Iver, check out the Bon Iver and Justin Vernon collaboration, Lost in the World, featuring (unofficial) footage from Kanye’s performance at Coachella (which features no real syncing or any real editing talent, no offense, YouTube user).

Kanye West featuring Justin Vernon – Lost in the World

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