Morning Music Notes – Making You Jump One More Time

U2 Possibly Name Album, Phoenix Does Name New Album

Bands U2 and Phoenix are from Ireland and France, which Google Maps tells me are very far away. U2 have been messing about in the studio, scrapping and re-recording new music for their follow up to their sort of dreadful last album(s). Bono has said that the band are recording under the tentative album title 10 Reasons to Exist (via Guardian). The band apparently have five other working titles, so don’t go running to the bookies just yet.

The band’s release date target is September 2013, with a companion piece in 2014. Again, don’t go running to the bookies. This is the band that were rumoured to want to do a dance record with and David Guetta, as well as a Danger Mouse-produced record. You guys are supposed to set the trends, not hopping on the bandwagons.

Phoenix Bankrupt

As for Phoenix, they have completed their fifth album, and posted a link on their Facebook page that is an image of Phoenix and Bankrupt! So either they are bankrupt (doubtful, but might be worth running to the bookies for a punt) or their new album is called Bankrupt!, exclamation point and all.

Kris Kross to Reunite for 1 Night Only (That’s What They All Say)

Those loveable kid rappers from the 1990s, Kris Kross, have announced a massive double album comeback! one-off show to celebrate Atlanta’s So So Def Recordings. Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac, which were super cool names were we were 10, will perform Jump on February 23 at the 20th anniversary show for So So Def Recordings (via Hollywood Reporter).

So everyone is asking – what do they look like now? Allow this 1992 vs 2013 Kris Kross image to break it down for you. They grew up and don’t wear backwards clothes anymore – fuckin’ sell outs!

Skrillex Pulls a Michael Jackson and Sets His Hair on Fire

I always feel like a bit of a sleeze bag when I link to TMZ. Maybe because they seem to push the boundaries of what paparazzi should be doing for the ‘benefit of society’, which is actually not much at all. Anyway, Skrillex aka Sonny Moore just celebrated his 25th birthday. When he was blowing out the candles, that ridiculous hair cut of his sort of fell on the cake, and despite a smart friend warning him to watch his hair, he could only watch his hair catch fire. Nothing too crazy happened, but his birthday wish will never come true. Check it out below.

Watch! Jamie Lidell – Why_ya_why

Jamie Lidell - why_ya_why via YouTube screen cap

The eclectic, soulful sounds of Jamie Lidell are back in February on his self-titled new album. You’ve probably already heard What a Shame. We now have a video for Why_ya_why, which is another experiment, weird yet pleasant track. Check it out below, and watch out for the album on February 18/19.

Jamie Lidell – Why_ya_why

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