Listen! Austra – Home (plus new album announcement for Olympia)

Toronto’s Austra, who had one of the top songs and albums on PeteHatesMusic’s Best of 2011 list, are back! Fantastic news – I’ve listened to their debut album a hundred times and am itching for new music from them. Apparently sending them daily telegraphs has not sped up the process. However, the band have just announced a new album called Olympia, out on June 18.

In a press release, sing/songwriter Kate Stelmanis said “We are really into dense harmonies and big beautiful melodies, but I also love techno and dance music. I wanted to bring those elements together.”

Austra - Home

The new track, Home, definitely fits Kate’s description, as it’s not as dark and gothic like a lot of Feel It Break, but danceable and includes a wider range of instruments and beats throughout the song.

In case you missed the somewhat low key announcement, the band are playing Saturday March 23 at Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. Check out Home by Austra below.

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