Morning Music Notes – Mr. Conductor, Fred Durst

U2 – heard of them? They’re afraid they are slipping into irrelevance, and are making a statement album. Super producer? Check – Danger Mouse. Good new tunes? So far, so good. One such tune is Invisible, which has a brand new video below.

U2 - Invisible via YouTube screen cap
The video is a black and white one, with some lucky fans watching the band do a live performance of the track. The track is relatively straight forward, a skill the band long forgot but remembered on All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Invisible finds Bono rediscovering his voice, making for a solid, classic chorus. Check it out below.

U2 – Invisible

Morning Music Notes
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In case you missed our tweet yesterday, as well as EVERY OTHER MUSIC WEBSITE, Radiohead released a new app yesterday. The Oxford band combined forces with their producer Nigel Godrich, as well as their go-to artist Stanley Donwood, and creative studio Universal Everything, and created an app called PolyFauna. The app focuses on the music from The King of Limbs track Bloom and is apparently great to look at if you’re not sober.

This is a weird one – fans sued Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Black (you know, the one who killed him) claiming they have suffered emotional damage because of his death. This is believed to be the first time a death of a celebrity has been successful for an emotional lawsuit by random fans, which seems like a bit of a dangerous precedent. The judge somewhat sided with the claimants, awarding them €1 ($1.36). It’s a sad, sad world. (via Billboard)

Following in the footsteps of 2013 Record Store Day Ambassador Jack White, the 2014 Ambassador will be Public Enemy’s Chuck D. Last year’s Record Store Day moved the most ever copies of vinyl in the US since SoundScan started in 1991. April 19 is the magical date this year. (via Billboard)

For some reason, this works – really well. Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff mixed with the theme from Thomas the Tank Engine. It’s actually sort of awesome.

Limp Bizkit vs. Thomas The Tank Engine – Break Stuff

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