Morning Music Notes – How to Make Friends on Twitter

Cue the Endless Led Zeppelin Reunion Interview Questions

Led Zeppelin reformed (sans John Bonham, of course – but with his son) for a one-off epic show in London in 2007. The demand for tickets was outrageous, and so was the demand for more shows. The band have been subject to endless questions and demands to play more shows, to which they have always said helllllll no.

But at long last, a breakthrough in a potential reunion tour has been made. Singer Robert Plant planted (sorry) the biggest sign of hope yet, by telling Australia’s 60 Minutes TV show “I’ve got nothing to do in 2014” (via Guardian). Well, fuck, neither do I guys!

Plant has often said that he isn’t interested in doing a tour, and is holding back any potential reunions. But now, it seems the ball is in Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones’ court. And now the band will have to answer even MORE questions about reunions.

Azealia Banks Likes Fighting With Everyone

After endless battles with rapper Angel Haze, Azealia Banks has been back at it again. This time it involves Harlem Shake singer, Jaack Baauer and his anger at Azealia Banks using his somewhat recent song’s beat as hers in her new track, Harlem Shake.

Baauer had Azealia Banks take down the track, only to have Azealia break out into her intelligent name calling on Twitter. All of this is old news (that I neglected to inform you about last week – sue me). However, what is new is the smoking gun that Azealia produced – an email (allegedly) from Baauer that contradicts his statement about not loving what she did on his Harlem Shake beat (via Pitchfork). She posted it on her Tumblr, adding “I don’t remember you saying the verse was so-so.” Check it out below, as well as her video.

Harlem Shake email Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks – Harlem Shake

The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Changes His Name to Justin Bieber – On Twitter

Was Twitter invented for celebrities to fight? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. After the Grammys, TMZ asked The Black Keys’ drummer, Patrick Carney, about Justin Bieber not getting nominated for any Grammys. No clue why they’d ask him of all people that question, but he had an awesome reply lined up. He replied, “He’s rich, right? I mean, I don’t know. Grammys are, like, for music, not for money, and he’s making a lot of money. I don’t know – he should be happy, I guess.”

This didn’t go over too well with Bieber’s ridiculously named fans, his Beliebers. It didn’t go over too well with Bieber himself, who said that Carney needs to be slapped. After being bombarded by millions of negative tweets, Patrick Carney has taken his teasing a step further and changed his display name on Twitter to Justin Bieber. He also posted a link to a ‘new’ Bieber song, which was actually just a DEVO track. Awesome.

Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment in the Patrick Carney – Justin Bieber saga, and wait for the inevitable collaboration between Bieber and the Black Keys.

Listen! RocketNumberNine and Four Tet – Roseland

RocketNumberNine and Four Tet

We have an 8 minute instrumental from London-based duo RocketNumberNine and Four Tet. The track should be out next week, along with Metropolis on a 12″ vinyl. Like a lot of 8 minute tracks, we have that slow build over a simple looping rhythm, with layers getting added to keep things interesting. Check it out below.

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