Weekend Catch Up: Bahamas – Lost in the Light

Here’s another track for the PeteHatesMusic Weekend Catch Up, where we present you with some great tunes that have been out for a little while, and you definitely need to hear.


This track by Bahamas has been on Canadian radio for a few months now, and it fell into that category of “I sort of missed the initial release, but really want to post it”. Thankfully we made up this segment to continue to give you songs you may or may not know. In case you’re confused, Bahamas is the name of a Canadian artist. It’s all about naming yourself after a Caribbean Island – I’m looking at you, St. Lucia.

The track is Lost in the Light and is a slow, gentle song with a nice little chorus. There are also some nice backing female vocals during a little musical interlude. The track is from 2012’s Barchords. Make your ears happy and check it out below.

Bahamas – Lost in the Light

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