Morning Music Notes – Is Maynard James Keenan Getting the Jump on April Fool’s Day?

Tool Album Delayed Because of Multiple Scooter Accidents?! Did I Actually Just Write That?

Tool singer Maynard James Keenan is known for his love of April Fool’s Day pranks. In 2005, Maynard announced that he had found Jesus and was halting the recording on their new album temporarily, and perhaps permanently. Another such prank was that he was seriously injured after a tour bus accident. Given that Metallica bassist Cliff Burton died in a tour bus crash, I’m not 100% sure how that prank is funny, but whatever.

The Tool website is now reporting that a minor accident with a band member on a Vespa occurred due to slick road conditions. Days earlier, another band member was in a Vespa accident. Should my calendar read April 1 and not January 31? The first accident led to several broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder, while the latter unidentified member had a head injury. These alleged accidents led to the delay of the album recording sessions by a couple of weeks. Um, what the fuck? I hope those kids in Soundgarden had insurance when Dave Grohl was directing them in their segway music video.

In other non-April Fool’s Day Tool news, Adam Jones proposed to his girlfriend before WWE’s Royal Rumble wrestling event. He then proceeded to drive wrecklessly on his Vespa to celebrate. Footage of the proposal is here.

Facebook Now Has More Mobile User Than Desktop Users

It’s too bad Facebook can’t seem to master how to make money from their mobile app compared to their desktop website. This is because more daily users went on Facebook from their phone than their the Web in the last 3 months of 2012 (via Digital Trends). Amazingly, the number of Facebook users who accessed the site at least once a month was a whopping 1.06 billion in the fourth quarter of 2012. This is up 25% over the previous year.

Facebook’s revenue has increased 40% (to $1.585 billion), which isn’t bad considering I haven’t given them a dime. However, it’s net income is down 79%. And how is that stock price, Zuckerberg?

Goodbye Weird Words – Ticketmaster Gets Rid of CAPTCHA

You know when you go to buy tickets from the giant ticket monopoly that is Ticketmaster, and you have to type in those scrambled letters that are bloody near impossible to read? That’s called CAPTCHA, and it’s on many commenting websites (such as this fine site) to prevent internet spambots from harassing the hell out of your site. Ticketmaster has now gotten rid of CAPTCHA and is now using a similar system, but instead asks you for popular phrases or multiple choice questions. It’s like an IQ test, where you have to select a picture that answers a question. I just want to buy a damn ticket! Actually, customer satisfaction is up since the switch over away from CAPTCHA (via Slash Gear).

Listen! FLOTE – Paper Weight

Flote - Sacred Wisdom

We previously featured FLOTE and their track The Cascades. We have another track for you off of their Sacred Wisdom LP. This track is called Paper Weight, and is another instrumental number. The glitchy guitar track has hip hop elements, and it is worth once again checking out this Philadelphia via Connecticut artist, FLOTE.

FLOTE – Paper Weight

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