Morning Music Notes – Please Please Don’t Recreate This Album

The Strokes to Release Fifth Album This Year

There was a lot of buzz that was floating around yesterday that might’ve been fake. No, I did not marry Natalie Portman – all fake. Seattle radio station 107.7 The End posted on their Facebook page “Previewing brand new Strokes ‘All the Time’ thanks to RCA Records. We’ll have to ‘leak’ this soon. You won’t be disappointed… -mike.” To me, that seems a lot like hype for the radio station, but it turns out this ‘mike’ was not lying. Billboard has confirmed that the track All the Time will be the first single, and a new album from The Strokes will be out later this year. The album follows the 2011 album, Angels, and will have critics finding new ways to write hyperbola about the state of rock and roll and the importance of the Strokes.

The Beatles’ 12 Hour Recording Session to Be Recreated – By Others, Not Them

The Beatles had a famous 12 hour recording session in February 1963, in which they recorded most of the 12 tracks off of Please Please Me. For some strange reason, stars are planning on re-creating this session, and the whole thing is going to air on BBC Radio 2 (via Gigwise). Bands involved include Stereophonics, Simply Red singer Mick Hucknall, and Gabrielle Aplin.

The idea is to re-record the album in the same amount of time, which doesn’t overly appeal to me, but maybe I’m missing something. The show will be screened on BBC Four on February 15 and is called 12 Hours to Please Me (aren’t they missing a 2nd Please?).

Paul McCartney Re-Records Heart of the Country for Linda McCartney Tribute

More Beatles news – what is this, the 60s? Oh wait, I used that joke the other day. Why are they in the news so bloody much?! Paul McCartney has re-recorded 1971 track Heart of the Country for an animated tribute to his deceased wife, Linda McCartney. This is the same guy who recently re-married for the 2nd time after her passing (I’m kidding – he’s allowed). It’s unclear if the video is part of some commercial or campaign, or just a random tribute. The clip is an animated one that shows Linda frolicking with animals and taking photographs, both of which were hobbies of hers. I’m assuming those are veggie burgers they are eating?

Watch! Solange and Oliver Sim – Make It Hot (original: Nicole Ray)

Last night, Solange was at XOYO in London to play a show. For one track, she was joined by admitted fan, Oliver Sim from The xx. The 2 of them did a cover of Nicole Ray’s track, Make It Hot. Check it out below

Solange and Oliver Sim – Make It Hot (original: Nicole Ray)

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