Friday Afternoon Funnies: A Twitter Double Post, with Jimmy Kimmel and Will Ferrell

Jimmy Kimmel did this excellent segment that we featured a couple of times (first time!, second time!) where celebrities read out the mean tweets directed at them on Twitter, while we hide our acne-scarred butts faces behind our fancy Mac Books in our parents’ basements.

This time, we have celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Larry King (again), Dr. Phil, Simon Cowell (who is sort of scary looking), Bryan Cranston, and Tom Arnold (whose mean tweet Twitter seemingly let break the 140 character limit) read out the hurtful words of cowardly anonymous people like you and me. Check it out, in this week’s still horribly named and it ain’t changing Friday Afternoon Funnies.

But since we like you so much, we have a bonus second video – it’s BRAND NEW NICKELBACK. Just kidding – but is there anything anyone hates more than Nickelback? Apparently yes, yes there is. This bonus video features Will Ferrell (who was featured in one of Kimmel’s earlier segments) celebrating his Funny or Die website’s Twitter account getting 5 million (or 5 thousand as he thinks) Twitter followers. If you like Will Ferrell, it’s vintage comedic gold from him.

Funny or Die screen cap

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Part 3

Funny or Die Celebrates 5 Million Twitter Followers

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