Friday Afternoon Funnies: Jack White on the Colbert Report (plus a bonus Google Streetview video)

PeteHatesMusic saw Jack White in London on Monday night. Last night, he was on television in America – how is that even possible?! And tonight, he is part of the Gary Oldman-directed free YouTube webcast. I don’t understand you, technology, but goddamn, I love you. Somewhere in the above ramblings, I noted that Jack White was on TV, more specifically, he was on the Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert. He performed the song Freedom at 21, which wasn’t particularly funny. However, he did do an interview with Mr. Colbert that is rather funny.

If you recall, both Stephen and Jack teamed up on a single last year. Stephen uses this for fodder for a lot of jokes, such as “You guaranteed me a Grammy – how did that turn out?”, “When we’re nominated, we’ll be going to the Grammys together?”, and “Any influences of me in your solo work?” amongst other gems. But why ruin it even more when you can watch it below? Oh, because the video might be viewable only in the United States. I hate you, technology! Well, if you’re unable to watch it, I’ve included a bonus video underneath. Besides having a lame name, this is what Friday Afternoon Funnies are all about.

UPDATE: Canadians can view the Colbert footage over at Comedy Central.

Jack White on the Colbert Report

So you were unable to see the Jack White / Stephen Colbert video? I feel your pain, so I thought I’d lessen the blow with another video. As you may be aware, we here at PeteHatesMusic love all things Google Maps and Google Streetview related. As the Google Streetview team goes around and picks up more and more data, strange things are bound to happen. Check out the video below, and note that is clearly filmed in Canada (“eh”?). Also, if something cool happens on video, chances are you are going to put it on YouTube. You don’t need to mention “Hey, we will be wicked to put on YouTube!” while your buddy is filming – it just kills the moment. On that note, check out the slightly comical total disregard of the law by the Google Streetview vehicle.

Google Streetview Car Does Something Illegal

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