PeteHatesMusic Wins Best Music Blog at Canadian Blog Awards!

We’re very proud to announce that PeteHatesMusic has been named the Best Music Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards! Thanks to you and your ability to follow my strict orders, your votes helped us capture 65% of the vote! We had some tough competition against the Indie Music Blog (which you should check out), but managed to pull out victory in 2012.

Now, we’re not naive enough to think we’re actually the best music blog in Canada (although we might be drunk enough to believe it). Many blogs might not be aware of these awards, or may have chosen not to enter. The popular vote doesn’t mean you’re the best (see: The Grammys). However, we’re proud of our blog, we’re respectful of the long running (in the blog world) Canadian Blog Awards, and we’re very happy to have won. We’re hoping this can lead to bigger and better things for this blog (starting with this foot long hot dog I’m splurging for at lunchtime today).

Later today, we’re going to announce a celebratory CD giveaway we’re going to be having over the next week or so. Be sure to check back and find out how to win some great prizes, courtesy of the “Best Music Blog” in Canada – PeteHatesMusic.

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  2. 2012/12/15

    […] you might know, we were celebrating winning the Best Music Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards by giving a way a whack of CDs. We were giving away 2 copies of Stars, Two Door Cinema Club, and […]