Check Out an Interactive Art Speaker Project with The xx

I think my favourite new track off of The xx’s Coexist is Missing. The raw emotion in the second verse is something that The xx try to keep unwraps. Fans of Missing and interact art will be happy to know that the two have collided (no one was hurt) in a new art exhibit at the Sonos Studio in Los Angeles (via Wired).

The purpose of the Coexist exhibition is to explore the “relationship between man and machine.” This is done with 50 speakers, a couple of modded Kinect 3-D cameras, some computer coding stuff and a big exhibition space. So what is Coexist?

The xx Missing Speakers Exhibit screen cap

Made in conjunction with The xx, the Coexist exhibit makes the music follow you as you go through the exhibit, through pivoting and rotating speakers. It’s sort of like personal speakers, talking just to you, wherever you are in the exhibit. The voices in my head now have competition.

Check out the video below, which doesn’t capture the true experience, and if you’re in LA, head over before December 23 to experience it in person.

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