Morning Music Notes – Posthumous Releases Will Never Die

New Jimi Hendrix Out Due in March

Zombie Jimi Hendrix will release a posthumous album on March 5. His estate is milking his musical legacy by releasing tracks that were recorded between 1968 and 1969 (via Spinner). Now seems like an appropriate time to randomly do that. The tracks were actually recorded separately from the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and he was supposedly taking a new experimental direction. Well, isn’t that a clever way to hook us for the new album.

Green Day Are Releasing a Fourth Item, ¡Quatro!

Green Day shocked us by still being together in 2012 announcing a trilogy of albums at the end of this year. But they haven’t stopped at just three things – they are now releasing ¡Quatro!, which is a documentary (via Consequence of Sound).

A press release notes that the documentary “pulls back the curtain and takes fans inside the world of Green Day, from the various spontaneous live performances in select cities across the U.S. to the chronicling of their creative process while conceptualizing and recording their current trilogy of albums.”

I sort of hope Billie Joe’s meltdown is the climax of the film. The movie will premiere on VH1 next Wednesday and will be released in full in 2013. ¡Tré! is out on December 11, just in time to give it to your friends or enemies for Christmas.

Field Day Announces 2013 Line Up

Last year, Field Day had a great line up, although the experience itself was pretty shit. The event is back in Victoria Park in London, and will happen on May 25 with a pretty strong line up. Announced acts include Bat for Lashes, Django Django, Animal Collective, TNGHT, Fucked Up, Everything Everything, and the infamous “more”. Just be sure to NOT pick up your tickets the day of – it’ll be the worst thing in life.

field day 2013

Watch! The Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom

I’ve always been a Beatles guy, with the occasional listen to the Stones. So all of these mega tours and new albums that The Rolling Stones do typically get ignored by me. But I didn’t hate the new release, Doom and Gloom, and found it sounding like simple, vintage Stones. Those geriatric rockers have a new video that was clearly made by people younger than them (which is the case for most things they do in life). It features some nudity in the form of breastssss, zombies, and an image for basically every line of the song being sung. Better make sure those lyrics are up to snuff, Mick. Check it out below.

The Rolling Stones – Doom and Gloom

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