Morning Music Notes – Jay-Z Never Wants to Leave Barclays Brooklyn Center

Paul McCartney in Near Helicopter Landing Accident

Is this another of those Beatles death faulty reports, or did Paul McCartney almost die in a helicopter crash?! “The Cute Beatle” Sir Paul McCartney and his wife, Nancy Shevell, avoided near disaster as their helicopter came within two feet of a treetop as it was landing at their private estate in East Sussex (via Consequence of Sound).

This actually happened way back in May, which might’ve meant no Paul at the 2012 London Summer Olympics (and every other major event from here until they terminate his line of robots in 2150). Macca was unaware of the event, while Air Accidents Investigation Branch studied the incident and found that the pilot experienced “low cloudbase, poor visibility and rain” and also became “disoriented.” The trees are fine, by the way.

Coldplay and Jay-Z to Headline New Year’s Eve Show to Ring in 2013

We tweeted this news yesterday but it’s Sunday and I don’t type more than 140 characters on weekends. Brooklyn’s Barclays Center is apparently not sick of Jay-Z yet, even after 8 shows, and will be welcoming back him and special co-headlining guests Coldplay for a show on December 31, 2012. The band also announced on their website that they will playing headlining shows on December 29 in Uncasville, CT, as well as a gig Dec. 30 at the Barclays Center before Jay-Z joins them the next night.

jayz coldplay new years eve brooklyn

Chris Martin produced and sung the chorus on Jay-Z’s Beach Chair, while Jay-Z joined the band on their remix of Lost (called Lost+). The bands also collaborated at this summer’s London 2012 Paralympic Games. Now, I love going to gigs, but I don’t know if I’d want to countdown my New Year’s with a band squashed in some seats, surrounded by some drunk dude accidentally knocking beers all over me in the row above me. Oh wait, I’m the guy doing the beer spilling – you don’t want to spend New Year’s with me.

INXS Have Broken Up

INXS are one of those bands that defy the logic of most bands. How many popular bands can say they had four different lead singers and lasted over 30 years? Of course, none of these singers matched the former successes of when the band had Michael Hutchence as their singer. The band kept going after the suicide of Michael Hutchence 15 years ago, but never reached the heights of the 80s and 90s.

INXS formed in 1977 and have sold more than 30 million records. They made the announcement that they are done at a gig in Perth in their homeland of Australia (via Telegraph). Other bands (The Doors – I’m looking at you) should take note and not ruin a band’s legacy when the singer is no longer around.

Listen! Daniel Rossen – Not Coming Back

Grizzly Bear’s Daniel Rossen gave us a sampling of his solo stuff awhile back, in the form an of EP. He has now shared a demo from January 2011, and notes on SoundCloud “This one is from January 2011 around the same time as a few of the EP songs. it’s not exactly finished, the lyric is rough, but I still enjoy what it is and eventually this song lead to other tunes on the EP and on Shields that I’m happy with. It’s a wintery New York song to me, it reminds me of home. And at this particular moment I miss home, and I feel like I should be there after all that’s happened recently. So there it is.”

Despite his wintery New York song claims, the warm vocals don’t place it in the wintertime for me. Check it out below.

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