Friday Afternoon Funnies – Hurricane Sandy Bloopers

Hurricane Sandy was the major news story this week, and she created a lot of damage to New York City and its surrounding areas. Concerts were cancelled, Paul Banks played a song on David Letterman to an audience of 0 people, and it was generally a big deal.

There’s obviously nothing funny about death and destruction (unless it happens to Nickelback), so where is the comedy in this post? Wait for it, you impatient bugger! The comedy is in how people reacted to Hurricane Sandy. This was especially true when they saw news reporters live on the scene.

Best Hurricane Sandy News Bloopers (Screen Cap)

Let’s just say some people Gangnam Style danced, while someone went for a bit of a jet ski ride. Check out the news bloopers and general hilarity in this edition of the Friday Afternoon Funnies.

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