Get Your Image in the Art Museums….via Your Facebook Profile Picture

Despite drawing some amazing stick figures – I mean, just look at that PHM logo! – I will never have anything in the Paris art museum, the Louvre. However, thanks to a new project, my (and your) Facebook profile picture could be on display in London’s National Portrait Gallery, the Louvre in Paris, and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (via Crave). The project, The Profile Picture Exhibition project, is being run by London folks, Ben Beale and Rory Forrest.

The Profile Picture Exhibition (Screen Cap)

The museums have said that they will start displaying Facebook profile pictures once a million members have joined the Facebook page. They are just around 1,600 Likes at the time of writing, and have a long way to go if my calculator isn’t lying to me. Isn’t this a great opportunity to pull some pranks, such as advertising for your business by writing on your forehead?

Check out a video of the rationale of old, boring portraits and why Facebook profile pictures should be considered portraits. There’s a bunch of swear words, so don’t crank this shit at work.

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