Vote for PeteHatesMusic for the Canadian Blog Awards!

PeteHatesMusic has been nominated for Best Music Blog for the Canadian Blog Awards! Round 1 of the voting has begun, and if we get enough votes, we’ll make it to Round 2 or possibly declared the outright winner if we win by a landslide after Round 1 – dare to dream!

Canadian blog awards 2012

Please take 17 seconds of your time and click here to launch the (admittedly dodgy looking) website, which is run through the Award creator’s own law site (?!). It’s a long running competiton, so it’s legit (right?), and is the ‘unofficial official’ Canadian Blog Awards. We’ll take what we can get. Best Music Blog is located on the left column, 7 boxes down. It’s also sorted by alphabet, if you happen to know your A to Y’s Z’s.

We also managed to get 2 blog posts listed as Best Blog Post. Our tale of Beethoven’s hair being shoved up someone’s ass in a Nazi concentration camp, only to be sold to a Scottish composer and turned into a song is up for best blog post, as is our recent interview with Torquil Campbell from Stars. On the same link as above, you can navigative to Best Blog Post and vote as you see fit. Yes, our 2 nominations will cancel one another out and we will end up empty handed, but it’s okay – I have my therapist on speed dial. But if you pick one, go for the Interview with Torquil Campbell.

Why would you want us to win? So you can tell everyone that you read the Best Music Blog in Canada, of course! Thanks for your vote and for spreading the good word about PeteHatesMusic.

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