For Loners Like Me: A Vest That Hugs You When You Get a Facebook Like

How is this for a self-esteem boost and positive re-enforcement: Melissa Chow, Andy Payne, and Phil Seaton at the MIT Media Lab have created Like-A-Hug, which sort of hugs you when a friend likes your Facebook photo, video, or status update (via Crave). What happens is that the Like-A-Hug vest will inflate when one of your real life Facebook friends Likes the previously mentioned items. You can give a hug back by hugging, um, yourself and deflating the vest.

like-a-hug (photo credit - Melissa Chow, via

An inflated jacket for an inflated ego

I’m pretty sure I would start Liking ANY status update by someone with the vest, just to have it randomly inflate like an airbag in public. This is the ultimate in staying connected while offline (except maybe in summer time). Check out a video below, and wonder what would make it better. Oh yeah – a real demonstration, and a lot more inflation/deflation.

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