Watch! Errors – Pegasus (and 7 other videos)

Scottish electronic rockers, Errors, have prepped an 8 song mini-album New Relics, which includes the already-viewed (by wise readers) Ammaboa Glass. Eight websites are hosting a video for each of the new tracks – sadly, we were overlooked. I won’t spoil the joys of clicking through the links on each website, but we’re going to start with Pegasus (via Drowned in Sound). The next video is from The Skinny and is for Engine Homes.

The song starts off with jittery synth, and is a slow burning track, which gets a nice beat switch up about halfway through the song. Make your ears happy and check it out below, and scour the Internet for the other 7 new videos. Bonus: if you like watching horses run in psychedelic colours, then this is the video for you!

Errors – Pegasus

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