Tuesday Trivia – Week 38

This is Week 38 of the PeteHatesMusic Tuesday Trivia, and we’re not stopping until Week 1000. The premise of Tuesday Trivia is easy, even Jessica “Chicken of the Sea” Simpson would do well. Okay, she would do decent. We give you clues worth points, and if you like points (which you should), then guess the answer with as few clues as possible. Let’s begin.

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Note: Our site theme won’t let us put the page numbers exactly where we want. So, all the clues are on one page, with the answer on Page 2. So scroll down slowly for each clue, and do your best not to peek at upcoming answers.

Clue Number 1 (Correct answer worth 6 points)

I am from Nova Scotia, Canada, but have lived in Regina and Calgary.

(write down or remember your answer, as it will be revealed on the next page)

Clue Number 2 (Correct answer now worth 5 points)

My first album came out in 1999, and I have released a total of 4 albums, including one earlier this year.

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Clue Number 3 (Correct answer now worth 4 points)

When I was 12 years old, I was one of the dancers in the Opening Ceremonies of the Calgary Winter Olympics, which was the inspiration for the video for one of my big hits.

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Clue Number 4 (Correct answer now worth 3 points)

Arguably my biggest hit came about because of its use in an iPod Nano commercial. This led to me performing an altered version of the song on Sesame Street. The song also won a Juno for Single of the Year in 2008.

(more clues below)

Clue Number 5 (Correct answer now worth 2 points)

I have collaborated with Broken Social Scene on several occasions. In more recent news, I won the Polaris Prize last night for my album, Metals. If you read the Morning Music Notes, you will know the answer!

(final clue is below – keep scrolling)

Clue Number 6 – Audio Clue (Correct answer now worth 1 point)

Listen to my hit song, 1234

1234 – Mystery band


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