Check Out an iPhone 5 Parody Commercial, Plus People Trying to Pick Up a Glued iPhone 5

Forgive the awkward headline – I’m trying to post as many comical videos as possible in one big post, so I can start posting some music for your ears to digest (or whatever it is ears do to music). Apple launched four new ads for the iPhone 5 – those are down below. Much better than these four commercials are two other videos. The first is a spoof of the bigger iPhone 5 screen – much bigger. Check out how Facetime becomes Bodytime, and how you’ll never need to scroll again in the video made by the appropriately named YouTube account, Satire.

There was also a comedy video for the iPhone 5, which is actually a bizarre promo ad for Apple in the Netherlands. What they did was glue a brand spanking new iPhone 5 to the sidewalk, and filmed people’s reactions. You’ve gotta love the hobo who definitely likes what he sees. Jumping up and down and stomping it does NOT remove glue, believe it or not. Check it out below.

Here are the four ‘official’ iPhone 5 commercials that Apple revealed. The Physics one is a bit forced (ha!), but the Cheese one will win over the clueless middle aged crowd. Check them out below, and wonder why Apple is making fun of headphone shapes when they themselves had round headphones for, um, their entire existence.





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