Dirty Projectors Announce New EP; Watch New Video About to Die

Dirty Projectors are giving us some leftovers (I’m assuming) from recent album Swing Lo Magellan. The EP is 4 tracks long, and includes the single About to Die from the recent album, plus 3 new songs. The EP will be out on November 6, which is good news if you are ‘about to die’.

The song starts off with a great percussion rhythm, that forms the backbone of the song for me. The video features a lot of laying around, in beds in hallways, and in a house without a roof and nice mountainous backgrounds. I guess when you’re about to die, you want to take it easy. Actually, that makes no sense. Let’s not talk about death any more – let’s watch the video by Dirty Projectors.

Dirty Projectors – About to Die

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