Watch! Ben Folds Five – Do It Anyway

Weezer used the Muppets in Keep Fishin’, Ben Folds Five are using the other puppets muppets, the gang from Fraggle Rock. We’ve heard four songs from the reunited piano rockers, but now we have a video from Ben Folds Five. It’s for Do It Anyway, the track you might’ve heard here back in May.

And yes, the video features those lovable, where-are-they-now creatures from Fraggle Rock. Rumour has it there is a feature film on the way, and what better way to gain exposure than through a band that no one who remembers the 80s will know. The video also features Rob Corddry and Anna Kendrick, just because. Check out the video and listen to the fine, upbeat piano track below. Stay tuned for a special ending, too.

Ben Folds Five – Do It Anyway

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