Tim Hecker Teams Up with Daniel Lopatin for New Album. Listen to Uptown Psychedelia

Tim Hecker is a favourite here at PeteHatesMusic, and he cracked our Top Albums of 2011 list. The Canadian electronic instrumentalist has teamed up with Daniel Lopatin (who has worked under the name Oneohtrix Point Never) for a new collaborative album called Instrumental Tourist (via Pitchfork). The album will be out on November 20, and the first track is streaming below.

A press release, typically known for their pretentiousness and heavy use of adjectives, notes the two artists “designed a sound palette from the acoustic resonance of digitally-sourced ‘Instruments of the World.'” I called that one. A lot of the record is improvisation, which should be interesting.

The first available song, Uptown Psychedelia, has lots of trademark Hecker sounds – buzzing synths, static-sounding notes bouncing around the track, and the drone and experimentation that accompanies his tracks. Check it out below.

Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin – Uptown Psychedelia

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