Morning Music Notes – Tattooed On Your Mind

Tattoo Tales Part 1: Justin Vernon from Bon Iver

Justin Vernon really likes Northern Exposure. His band, Bon Iver, is named after a line from the TV show. His latest crush on the show comes via the form of a tattoo he wants to get based on one of the show’s episodes (via Pitchfork). Not only that, but he wants his fans to design the tattoo that will be inked on his body forever and ever. Vernon writes on Twitter:

“I named my band after an episode of Northern Exposure. In the episode a women transforms a gold rush village into a cultural place with one single dance in a tavern. They name the town after her, Cicely, Alaska.

The art direction in the episode is unmistakably Mucha and I want to get a very large tattoo of this on my left arm.

Ill include some images of the actual episode, of Cicely herself, and of some of the Mucha pieces I want the shape and style to be like. A tall rectangular, stained glass, bold lines shadow box!

Please, help!

My favorite, hopefully what your illustrations will be based on, is the image I uploaded of Cicely with arms outstretched in mid-dance. You can’t see her with the flowing scarf in her hands, but that would be cool if we could involve that. THANK YOU!”

Um, LAZY! He’s narrowed it down to five finalists, which you can see here. The PeteHatesMusic stickman logo didn’t quite cut it.

Tattoo Tales Part 2: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has a history of doing outlandish things, which has seen her propel her brand to incredible heights, given her short time making music (or whatever you want to call it). She shaved her head this week in honour of her friend’s mother, which is not so much a stunt as it is endearing. However, she used this newly shaved head to get the back of her head tattooed during a live show in New York (via NME).

The show was part of her perfume launch, Fame, and is now getting the publicity that she wanted it to. The launch took place at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. If for some reason you care, you can watch the ten minute video below.

Check Out the Trailer and Art Work for Soundgarden’s New Album, King Animal

Part of me really likes album trailers, but part of me is like “Why do I want to hear 90 seconds of a song?” I never sample songs on iTunes. Maybe because there’s a visual, I get sucked it? I would at least prefer snippets of other songs. That is to say, Soundgarden have put up an 85 second album trailer for their first album since 1996.

Soundgarden - King Animal

King Animal is the name of the game album, and it has some artwork, too. There are a pile of animal bones, which I guess we’re to assume were killed by this King Animal? We’re not sure if there’s some sort of thematic tie into the songs or lyrics, but the video shows a similar landscape. Check it out below, and pray that the album is better than the semi-disastrous song from the Avengers.

Listen! Io Echo – Ministry of Love

We haven’t heard too much from the Io Echo duo since the lovely When the Lilies Die. Their latest EP is almost out, and another track has made it online, in the form of Ministry of Love (where my applications keep getting rejected – how fitting). The song features another beautiful chorus from singer Ioanna Gika. Check it out below.

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