Watch! Io Echo – When the Lilies Die

Io Echo = Ioanna Gika (“Io”) and Leopold Ross (whose nickname must be “Echo”). The 2-piece band are about to release their debut album, but you would think they are seasoned veterans given their resumé. They opened for the last tour show (supposedly ever) for Trent Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails. They are doing the soundtrack for the new James Franco movie, Rebel (named after me, obviously). Now, they have a video for their song, When the Lilies Dies.

The YouTube description claims “Richly textured and hauntingly beautiful, “When the Lilies Die” contemplates the mysteries of the life-cycle while swimming through a shimmering sea of distortion.” And who said art is pretentious? The song features some whistling, a foot-tapping beat, and an upbeat yet dark chorus. Dark because lilies are DYING, people! Make your ears happy and give Io Echo a listen and a viewing.

Io Echo – When the Lilies Die

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  1. 2012/10/15

    […] Echo have given us the dark yet lovely When The Lillies Die, as well as Ministry of Love. Shortly, they will be giving PeteHatesMusic an interview, too. But in […]