Smashy Smashy: Man Drives Car into Apple Store as Part of Robbery Plan

The Promenade Temecula Apple store in California was robbed last week in somewhat spectacular fashion. Apparently the robbers were unaware of the September 12 announcement that Apple had planned? Surveillance footage has been made it online, as all good things do, and we can see how the robbery went down. A BMW drove very fast into the back of the Apple store, and quickly learned that Apple makes strong glass for not only their phones, but their stores, too.

The driver spent about a minute trying to back out of the store, as his accomplice ran around grabbing iPhones and iPADS (and NOT Macbooks?!?!?!). If you watch the beginning of the video carefully, you’ll notice that the front license plate goes flying off the car, and is left at the crime scene. This is ultimately what got the guys busted, as ‘suspect’ Equonne R. Howard was arrested as he went back into the store to get the license plate. Check out the footage below (via iPhone in Canada) and wonder why they didn’t use midgets in go karts.

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