Morning Music Notes – Kasabian on FIFA Soundtrack, but Can You Make Serge Pizzorno a Playable Character?

Could Apple Be Making an Online Music Streaming Service?

In the past 10 years, “computer” company Apple have transformed themselves and the music and phone markets, too. There are now rumours that Apple is prepping a Pandora-esque music streaming service (via Slash Gear). The service is rumoured to use the iPhone and iPad playback features to make customized radio stations. There are also whispers (not full on conversations) that Apple is negotiating with record labels to enhance the service they could potentially offer. This might result in a product that is a cross between a cat and a dog Spotify and Pandora. And although all of this is still rumour-based, there are thoughts that it could be ad-based, and subscription-based. Apple does have an event on September 12, so wait and see I guess.

MTV Video Music Awards Wrap Up

MTV is a music video station that no longer shows music videos. If McDonalds stopped selling burgers, they’d go out of business, but MTV is thriving through thought-provoking reality shows and their award shows. Last night, a large part of the music world descended to Los Angeles see if Kanye West would interrupt anyone’s speech, or if Chris Brown would hit Rihanna again. Actually, Chris Brown hit Rihanna – with his lips, as she made her way off stage after winning an award – some people never learn. A bunch of awards were won, but no one really remembers or care. However, Pussy Riot answered some questions for MTV and gave a shout out to Madonna, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Bjork for their support. Check out the anti-Vladmir Putin video below. No concluding statement with MTV’s Beavis and Butthead, saying “fire is cool”?

A Great Soundtrack for FIFA 13 – No Milli Vanilli

The latest football (read: soccer) video game is almost upon us. And when FIFA 13 arrives at the end of September, it’s going to have a pretty killer soundtrack. The game will have 50 artists from 12 different countries, including Kasabian, Django Django, Bloc Party, Two Door Cinema Club, Metric, Passion Pit, Miike Snow, St. Lucia, Santigold, and many more (via NME). So when you’re busy banging in goals when playing as Manchester United, thank the folks at Electronic Arts for securing such good deals. The game is out Sept. 25 in North America, Sept. 28 for the rest of the universe. Hopefully, you can play as Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian, as he’s known for scoring a wonder goal or two.

Watch! DIIV – Doused

We get another video from DIIV’s Oshin album, after How Long Have You Known?. This song has a similar guitar sound, but is more upbeat, with the vocals nearly drowning in the music. Running with scissors isn’t generally advised, but neither is running with a guitar at night. Take a cab, the band will wait for you!

Watch! DIIV – Doused

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